Lactation Services

So much about breastfeeding really is natural, however it is also very normal for obstacles to come up. Make sure you have strong support to educate and support you during your breastfeeding journey.

  • Breastfeeding 101, 60$ privately (50$ per couple if at least 2 couples present), 3 hours. Learn all you need to know as you begin your breastfeeding journey including infant cues, latch, positioning, establishing and maintaining supply, when and where to seek help, and much more.
  • Prenatal Lactation Assessment & Counseling, 100$ (90$ for follow-up visits), 90 minutes. Private counseling session for mothers who desire one on one assistance and have concerns about their lactation experience (challenges with past breastfeeding experiences, prenatal medical conditions, inverted nipples, challenges with reaching breastfeeding goals with premature or hospitalized infant, induced lactation for adoption, etc).
  • Postpartum Lactation Assessment & Counseling, 100$ (90$ for follow-up visits), 90 minutes. Assessment of infant’s oral-motor skills, latch, breastfeeding positioning, maternal concerns, plan of care for feeding difficulties including but not limited to infants with oral restrictions. Visits may occur at home, hospital, or clinic. Accepting Medicaid and Tricare for payment for postpartum lactation.
  • “Pumped” for Work, 90$, 60 minutes. Learn all you need to know about breastfeeding before returning to work. Class covers pumping, bottle-feeding, preparing caregiver, maintaining milk supply, setting a schedule, goal-setting, and more.
  • Phone consult, 60$, 60 minutes. This phone or virtual consult is to address lactation obstacles that are appropriate to assist you with over the phone.