Epiphany Birth Services, llc is proud to provide services to expecting and new parents in a unique way. Our goal is that our skilled services coupled with our clients’ instincts will lead to epiphanal moments of empowerment and confidence in the parents that we serve.  

Epiphany believes that every expecting and new mother deserves the right to be fully educated about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and development. Our goal is to educate and support the birthing and feeding choices of our clients through our doula and lactation services.

You’ll want to meet Farah, Epiphany’s unique founder and owner.

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Meet Farah

I am Farah Antoine-Mayberry, Founder and Owner of Epiphany Birth Services, llc. I feel so blessed to bring my unique set of skills and experiences to the clients I serve. For over 15 years, I’ve worked as an occupational therapist, gaining experience working with infants and families in the NICU, PICU, home health, and outpatient settings.

Working in the above-referenced capacities afforded me the opportunity to recognize firsthand the gap in communication and support that so often exists between the hospital world and the grassroots world. As a result of that “epiphany”, I transitioned into a career as a Certified Lactation Counselor and Birth Doula!  I firmly and sincerely believe that expectant and new mothers deserve so much more support than most of them currently receive. My experience, coupled with my passion for families, contributes to the individualized and qualitative services that I provide to my doula and lactation clients.

Listed below are a few of my fundamental beliefs concerning birth and lactation :
        •       How baby arrives matters
        •       Birth is an experience for both parents
        •       Every expectant couple has the right to be educated on “all things birth and breastfeeding”
        •       An expectant couple has the right to plan, and be supported through, the process of the type of birth they desire for their child
        •       A couple’s birth story is a precious and lasting one
        •       New parents deserve a supportive village to assist with childbirth and feeding preferences

Although I have an extensive background in the health world, I believe in supporting a woman’s desire to naturally birth and nourish her child.  I am humbled and ecstatic to be training as a Midwife Assistant with Spirited Birth & Midwifery Services . I look forward to sharing my views, ideas, and inspirations related to birth in my blog.

My husband and I are the blessed parents of 5 incredible children, including a set of twins. Self-care activities for me include dabbling in photography, reading, watching movies, and traveling.  My role as your doula and/or lactation counselor is to support your personal wishes. I’m honored for the opportunity to do so.

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Doula Services

The birth of your child is one of the most momentous and lasting memories that you’ll have. I believe that your pregnancy and labor will be enhanced with the personal education and encompassing service that a doula provides.

As your birth doula, my role is to serve you! My service comes in the form of education related to pregnancy, labor, and circumstances that are specific to you. I also provide comfort measures and education in preparation for the big day. I am present throughout labor and up until your baby’s first feeding. I also provide 2 postpartum visits within the first 2 weeks. I provide lactation assistance during these visits. See below for additional services and various packages.

Doula Packages

Choose the package that suits you best with services including but not limited to pre-natal visits, on-call availability, pre-natal and labor support, postpartum follow-up, lactation assistance, and assistance with birth planning. Services can be paid in 2 to 3 installments.

Epiphany Foundation Package, 1200$ (900$ for home births)

  • A complimentary “meet-and-greet” interview
  • Continuous support via phone/text/email from time contract signed through delivery
  • 2 prenatal visits to learn coping techniques, relaxation skills, comfort measures, and communication strategies for labor
  • Optional comfort measures 1 hour session
  • Help developing your birth plan or preferences
  • Continuous support for you and your birth team during your labor
  • Lactation support within first 1.5-2 hours after delivery
  • 2 postpartum visits for practical postpartum support and birth reflection

Epiphany Essential Package, 1400$ (1100$ for home births)

  • Everything included in the Foundation Package
  • Breastfeeding 101
  • Newborn Basics Class

Epiphany Deluxe Package, 1600$ (1300$ for home births)

  • Everything included in the Essential Package
  • 4 sixty minute prenatal or postpartum massage sessions with Sarah Brackenbury, LMT

 Epiphany Picture Package, 2775$ (2475$ for home births)

  • Everything included in the Foundation Package
  • Presence of an incredible birth photographer throughout and after your birth with Corrie Graybill Photography

Itemized Doula services

Comfort Measures Class, 100$ (2 visits for $175)
During this 2 hour prenatal class you’ll practice coping techniques, relaxation skills, and a number of different positions that may be used prior to and during labor.

Birth Attendance Only Doula Package, $750- With this package you receive on call availability 2 weeks prior to your due date. Doula is present throughout labor and until baby’s first feeding. Doula helps to facilitate a variety of comfort measures including massage, positions, movement, breathing techniques, hot and cold packs, focus points, verbal encouragement, and other logistical support. With this package, you will communicate your birth preferences with the doula through your intake form and via emails, calls, and texting. Package also includes 2 postpartum visits. (Please note that this package may work great for women who have decided very late in their pregnancy to hire a doula or for women who have a level of birth and doula support experience that makes this package appropriate. We otherwise highly recommend at the very least our Foundation Package in order for you to become well acquainted with your doula and for you to get the most of her services. It is at the doula’s discretion to help decide if this package would be a good fit for you and her).

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Lactation Services

So much about breastfeeding really is natural, however it is also very normal for obstacles to come up. Make sure you have strong support to educate and support you during your breastfeeding journey.

  • Breastfeeding 101, 75$ (125 $ for private class), 3 hours. Learn all you need to know as you begin your breastfeeding journey including infant cues, latch, positioning, establishing and maintaining supply, when and where to seek help, and much more.
  • Prenatal Lactation Assessment & Counseling, 100$ (90$ for follow-up visits), 90 minutes. Private counseling session for mothers who desire one on one assistance and have concerns about their lactation experience (challenges with past breastfeeding experiences, prenatal medical conditions, inverted nipples, challenges with reaching breastfeeding goals with premature or hospitalized infant, induced lactation for adoption, etc).
  • Newborn Feeding & Developmental Support, 100$ This service is for the parent who is interested in receiving consistent developmental and feeding assistance and support in the first few days after birth. Support is provided in your birth space and/or in your home. Counsel is provided for basic feeding, developmental support, and support of current and next steps. Assistance is appropriate for typical newborns as well as infants born with medical complications.
  • Postpartum Lactation Assessment & Counseling, 100$ (90$ for follow-up visits), 90 minutes. Assessment of infant’s oral-motor skills, latch, breastfeeding positioning, maternal concerns, plan of care for feeding difficulties including but not limited to infants with oral restrictions. Add 50$ per baby for multiples. Visits may occur at home, hospital, or clinic. Accepting Medicaid and Tricare for payment for postpartum lactation.
  • “Pumped” for Work, 50$(80$ for private class), 60 minutes. Learn all you need to know about breastfeeding before returning to work. Class covers pumping, bottle-feeding, preparing caregiver, maintaining milk supply, setting a schedule, goal-setting, and more.
  • Phone consult, 60$, 60 minutes. This phone or virtual consult is to address lactation obstacles that are appropriate to assist you with over the phone.

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Additional Services

We are so honored to provide a variety of services related to newborns on our quest to let mothers know that they are not alone.

Preparing for Baby Sibling, $50 ($70 for private class at home)- This 60-90 minute siblings’ class designed to help older sibling(s) with the transition of new baby’s arrival. A developmental frame of reference is used to learn about and respond to your child or children’s social and emotional needs. Class is held either in clinic or in your home.

Infant Massage Class, $60 ($90 for private class at home)- Learn how to use positive touch, to increase bonding, stimulate the senses, address belly blues, increase communication with baby and more for babies born with or without medical complications, during this 90 minute class held either in clinic or in your home.

Newborn Basics, $150 ($100 for 2 or more)– This 2 hour class is effective for new parents or those wanting a refresher for safe care of a newborn. Topics covered include but are not limited to; review of pregnancy and birth, diaper care, hygiene, sleep safety, intro to infant massage, babywearing, breastfeeding/feeding, car seat safety, and establishing routines.

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